Why I write this blog

As more and more is written and said about how Learning & Development (L&D) is changing in the 21st century we, as practitioners, need to be focusing on a developing our skills and approaches in order to stay relevant.

I believe there is a huge opportunity for L&D to lead with ‘digital’ within our organisations, to influence everyday employee performance; to provide continuous learning experiences; and to prepare our people to succeed in an fast-changing business environment.

The aim of my writing is to show what is working in progressive L&D functions that are leading with digital and transforming the way they enhance performance and building the right capabilities in their organisations. You will find case studies, insights, tips, tools and recommendations to truly and positively influence the way that work is being done in your organisations (or client organisations) whilst developing an expanded skill set for yourself along the way.

I want the future of L&D to feel exciting and inclusive and that is what I try to convey in my writing.

Please get involved and share your thoughts and experiences in the comments – and I will look forward to continuing each conversation with you.