How Sky Develop Their People At The Point-Of-Need And At The Speed Of Business

It’s incredible how many organisations struggle to make online learning work. I see and hear this first-hand. Most recently, as a panel member at this year’s CIPD L&D Show, exploring learning technologies. This is not the case at Sky. They have nailed it – and then taken it to the next level – to truly operate as a ‘digital’ L&D function.

Many people confuse ‘technology-enabled learning’ and ‘digital’. The former is an LMS and content and the problem most L&D teams are trying to solve is: how do we get people to use our online learning? The latter (digital) is an approach, as much as it’s about technology, and is laser-focused on solving the real performance and capability problems of people and organisations. Engagement is not an issue when you’re solving real problems. Again, this is what Sky are doing so well.

‘Digital’ will disrupt L&D for the better. The better of clients and organisations – as well as L&D.

Sky’s People Development team had a vision for how they wanted to enhance performance and used the appropriate tools and approaches to get them there (not the other way around, as in: how do we get people to use our online ‘stuff’?). They are not only progressive but they are also successful in truly addressing employee friction, enhancing performance, and building organisational capability.

This report, produced by Fosway, outlines Sky’s approach and makes it accessible, to both experiment and achieve comparable success.

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David James is Digital Learning Strategist with Looop and was previously Director of Talent, Learning & OD for The Walt Disney Company’s EMEA region.

Now an authority in contemporary L&D practices, David works with businesses to develop and implement social, agile and digital learning strategies that make learning work, with Looop.

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