7 Steps to increase the reach and impact of your L&D with Digital

The aim of technology, according Quora, is ‘to fulfil more of our needs and wants with less resources and to do more in the short time we have on this planet’. Whilst there will be more ‘credible’ explanations in a scientific journal somewhere, this one sums it up for me.

Like many, I’ve been inspired and excited by the opportunities that digital technology provides us to improve work performance. I long for the day I’m spinning digital images in the air like Tom Cruise in Minority Report, with technology extending, enhancing and integrating-with my human capabilities. Alas, we are not there yet…

For some in L&D, advances in digital technology (mobile and wearable devices, apps, social media and any number of collaboration tools) happen so fast that it can feel overwhelming and safe to just remain on the more traditional eLearning path. But the world has moved on and L&D technology can seem lightyears behind the experience that employees have on Google and YouTube, or any other website or app they use in everyday life.

So, what should you do?

If you’d like digital technology to do more for your L&D and fulfil more of the performance and capability needs in your business, you should read the new white paper published by the Learning & Performance Institute. Within it, you will read how you can use digital thinking and technology to significantly enhance employee performance today – and make yourself a digital whizz in the process.

Here’s a look at what it covers…


Download your copy of the LPI’s 7 Steps to Becoming a Digital Learning Pioneer today.

David James is Chief Learning Strategist with Looop and a seasoned Talent Management, Learning & OD leader with nearly 20 years of experience in the field. Until recently, David was Director of Talent, Learning & OD for The Walt Disney Company’s EMEA region.

Looop help their clients all over the world to digitally transform their L&D and capitalise on how people really want to learn today with a platform that is renowned for its extraordinary levels of learner engagement.

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